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April 3 - May 17, 2014

Carrie Marill:

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Carrie Marill
  Carrie Marill

Lisa Sette Gallery is pleased to present new works by Carrie Marill, a contemporary painter whose graphic acuity is matched by her unflinching aesthetic curiosity. In a new body of work Domesticated, Marill aims her precise visual methodology toward hidden-away scenes of home and family life, transforming these tableaux into moments of pictorial intensity and formal investigation.

Several of Marill’s recent paintings began as odes to the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, who spent a career portraying ceramic vessels in serene, focused still-lifes. In the process of arranging still lifes in her own studio, Marill realized her own life had become more complicated: “The Morandis were so still and quiet, and my life is not like that; it’s become messy and absurd. “I was on the Morandi expressway and got off on Guston,” quips Marill, referencing the loose, cartoony style of neo-expressionist Philip Guston.

Marill acknowledges that her work is often a process of working through questions or issues graphically, with the severe and concentrated quality of her markmaking instigating further conceptual inquiry. “As an artist this is my visual way of processing the information I encounter. I don’t know the answers until the very end. Or sometimes even the questions.”

Above left: Carrie Marill, Dishberg, 2014, acrylic and graphite on linen, 44" x 58"
Above right: Carrie Marill, Crowd, 2014, acrylic on Jute, 16" x 20"